Energizing Your Workforce: Creating a Culture of Engaged, Motivated Employees

By Denise Abbott, Vice President Human Resources, FedEx [NYSE:FDX]

Denise Abbott, Vice President Human Resources, FedEx [NYSE:FDX]

At engaged companies, team members are the number one priority. In order to have a culture of engaged, motivated employees who come ready to do their best work, we must recognize the need to support the whole person, both in and outside of the workplace. High change environments require human resource professionals to be agile and laser-focused on employee engagement. Here are several key initiatives that highlight the commitment to employees.

A People-First Culture Shapes the Employee Experience

Emphasis on employee experience is vital because we know that individual achievements and employee empowerment contribute to the collective success of the company. A people-first philosophy enables companies to invest in their employees and provide support for them to excel in their jobs. For example, a robust employee experience questionnaire can propel the implementation of action plans that are directly tailored to employees’ needs. This, in turn, leads to a workplace where everyone feels appreciated and rewarded for his or her contributions, fostering an environment where people want to grow their careers.

A dedicated employee experience department that focuses on engagement trends, needs, and tools throughout the employee lifecycle can drastically benefit a company in the engagement space. Through data analysis and Voice of the Customer feedback, employee experience teams can identify engagement opportunity areas and create tools, programs, and communications targeted to meet organizational engagement needs.

Robust employee recognition program also serves as a vital tool, because knowing that someone cares about your well-being and appreciates the value you bring to the company is a meaningful component of the employee experience. Additionally, with employee needs constantly changing, it is important to recognize the benefits that truly make a difference in an employees’ life. Remote work programs that allow for flexible scheduling can be tremendously successful, as long as we recognize the importance of keeping remote employees engaged through technology and frequent touchpoints to ensure we are always communicating.

Diversity & Inclusion Fosters Employee Engagement

As human resource professionals, we know that inclusion makes us better. Each employee brings diverse backgrounds and experiences with them when they come to work every day. It is essential to design and develop programs that meet both the needs of the business and its individual employees. Diversity & Inclusion focused initiatives may include:

• Partnerships with external agencies that grow a diverse talent pipeline;

• Targeted leadership development programs for women and minorities; and

• Employee resource groups that drive collaboration and implement strategies that support business and employee needs

Professional Development Impacts Every Employee

It is imperative that team members feel inspired to learn and grow, and a dedicated in-house university can support workplace education, as well as professional and personal development tools for all employees. A commitment to professional development enhances the culture of excellence by engaging and inspiring a committed and high-performing workforce.

There will always be a continual need to change and grow to meet customer and business needs, but we must emphasize keeping employees inspired and engaged as well. As we navigate the road ahead, there is one thing that I am certain will never waiver our dedication as human resource professionals to fostering a culture of engaged, motivated employees.

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